MEC, Tailormade Employee Benefits (TEB)

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Tailormade Employee Benefits

Each business has a unique need when it depends on designing a benefit structure for their employees. Our Tailormade Employee Benefit options gives you the employer the advantage to design a benefit structure that will suit your employee’s most important needs.

We specialise in:
  • Flexible retirement fund offerings
  • Analysing and implementing the final solution
  • Monitoring and management of plans
  • Advising Management Committees and Board of Trustees
  • Regular Re-broke with reputable Main Service Providers to ensure market related rates are applied
  • Fund can also provide surety for home loans
We offer cover for:
  • Funeral - include seasonal workers and extended family cover
  • Group life
  • Disability (Lump sum and replacement of income)
  • Reward program (eg. repatriation, legal, discount coupons etc.)
  • Accidental death
  • Dreaded disease

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